Ejulve, small town and entrance portal to the Maestrazgo turolense is located at 1110 meters of altitude, at the foot of the Sierra de Majalinos, first mountain range from the Ebro valley to the northeast, crossroads and entrance portal to the Maestrazgo is a town with art and culture, rugged mountains and winding fountains that welcome visitors with flavor and smell of tradition for the well done, its mountains taste sausage, its river with cheese, its air smells like ham and the sunset canned.


Cárnicas Ortin S.L. was founded in 1996, thanks to the extensive experience of the family in the meat sector and fruit of the demand for their products. In the beginning, traditional pork preserves and sausages such as sausage and longaniza de Aragón were elaborated, a few years later the range of products was extended, elaborating the partridge, quail and rabbit escabeches along with the game sausages (deer and wild boar) ). As a result of their concern and the search for new products, at present, wanting to promote the products of the area, new sausages are made with mushrooms, pistachios and our much appreciated black truffle from Teruel.


The Ortin family began its journey in 1986 by opening a supermarket in the town, in 1990 began with pig farms, creating its first farm, currently has more than 8,000 copies in its facilities. Our farms are equipped with the latest technologies in the market to guarantee the amimal well-being and an adequate and comfortable stay, radial heating, temperature control, feeding control, cleaning and attention by our farmers who check all the animals one by one. check its good condition in our facilities. All this is transmitted in the meat of the animal from which our valued products then leave, being able to control the whole process from the raw material to the final contact with the client.
Nuestras granjas estan equipadas con las últimas tecnologías del mercado para garantizar el bienestar amimal y una adecuada y confortable estancia, calefaccion radial, control de temperatura, control de alimentacion, limpeza y atención por parte de nuestros ganjeros que revisan uno a uno todos los animales para comprobar su buen estado en nuestras instalaciones. Todo ello se transmite en la carne del animal de la que luego salen nuestros apreciados productos, pudiendo controlar todo el proceso desde la materia prima hasta el contacto final con el cliente.

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